Reference: KA/DC1/001


Kids Ankle Socks Karpathia Net suitable for summer.


Brand: Karpathia

Colours: red, blue, light blue, grey

Composition: 72% cotton, 26% polypropylene Prolen®Siltex, 2% elastan

Karpathia Socks are made in Europe, Slovakia. They contain the Slovak polypropylene yarn Prolen® which is produced in Chemosvit Fibrochem, s.r.o. company. Prolen® yarn has excellent thermo-insulating properties and it is the lightes fibre ever created, 40% lighter than cotton.  Thanks to the moisture management, direct contact of Prolen® with the skin leaves it dry and odourless even in the most extreme circumstances. As Prolen® is dope-dyed, its colours remain permanent, do not wash away and do not migrate to our skin. It is stain resistant, 100% recyclable and it has antibacterial properties.

Prolen® Siltex yarn containing biogenic silver ions can be used in Karpathia Socks. PP yarn Prolen® Siltex is treated with an antibacterial modification based on silver ions, active substance: silver phosphate glass. Silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria, reduce upleasant odors, maintain the biological balance of the skin and ensure hygienic freshness.

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