Halloween Socks

You already have your scary socks? Isn't it?
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Slovak polypropylene yarn Prolen® has excellent
thermo-insulating properties and it is the lightes fibre ever created.
Thanks to the moisture management, direct contact of Prolen®
with the skin leaves it dry and odourless even in the most extreme circumstances. It is stain resistant, 100% recyclable and it has antibacterial properties.

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Protect yourself!

Ticks can attack

Prolen® tickfree is a yarn which decreases the risk of being attacked
by ixodes ricinus. It is produced on natura l basic without pesticides
and synthetic repelents.

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The clothes from Prolen® yarn requires minimal care. Prolen® clothing is not narrowed down, you can wash it at 30-40°C with 1/3 of the usual amount of washing powder. Spots do not settle inside the yarn only to the surface, so clothes with Prolen® is cleaned faster and easier. Prolen® is not electrostatic. The clothes dries quickly and does not need to be ironed. After the washing we hangs up it just for a while and we can continue our activities.

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